Cardon Cookie Jar

Wil Cardon, caught in the cookie jar

The Arizona Republic is reporting that Wil Cardon is being sued by 6 of his siblings. The lawsuit claims that Wil has spent nearly $10 million dollars of the family trust for his personal use and they want it to stop. The siblings are asking for a restraining order to stop him from being able to make any financial transactions in the future. It is being reported that he spent $6.3 million Cardon spent on his U.S. Senate race in 2012 that he lost and $3.2 million transferred last month, presumably to buy a new home in Mesa.

Wil Cardon “has misused Cardon family assets to afford himself an excessive and lavish lifestyle,” the complaint states.

“It’s your typical wealthy heirs decide they need more money, so let’s sue,” campaign manager Chris Baker said.

There is no evidence in the court filing that Wil Cardon directed the money to his current campaign for secretary of state, where he is one of three Republicans seeking the party’s nomination. Campaign-finance reports show that Cardon had lent his campaign $133,500 as of May 31, the most recent date for which reports are available.

Jeff DeWit Endorsement

The Rino Report Endorses Jeff DeWit

Today the Editorial Board made the decision to endorse Treasurer candidate Jeff DeWit. We have had the opportunity to vet DeWit and feel he is the real thing. This election is about getting rid of the old school. DeWit doesn’t have a political history instead he has a 21 year history in investment banking. The Arizona State Treasurer is vested with the powers of overseeing the investment portfolio of the state and who better than an investment banker. He has a strong belief in updating the technology in the Treasurer Office and making Arizona up to date.

The Rino Report encourages you to visit his website at


Adam Kwasman

Kwasman Fumbles with Visions of Migrants

Adam Kwasman who is running for CD-1 in Arizona managed to be the Republican that managed to assume that he was seeing the illegal immigrant children being shipped. In an attempt to sound compassionate and appeal to the GOP majority in an interview with AZ Central, Kwasman was caught off guard with the truth, they were Marana School children on a YMCA camp.

This story is very important to for voters since it helps to show part of the picture that we don’t normally see in politics. What happens when a candidate is wrong? What do they try and get away with? What are they actually sincere about? As we can see in the video below Adam Kwasman’s alleged sincerity quickly changes to a panic and an immediate attempt to correct his position before it causes political harm. As part of our mission at The Rino Report we must keep Republicans honest. Adam Kwasman is loosing in fundraising to AZ Speaker Andy Tobin, and Conservative Gary Kiehne.

The Conservative List

The State-Wide Conservative List

With early ballots 2 weeks away and the all important state-wide offices up for grabs we wanted to spend some time and let our readers know exactly who to vote for on the Republican Primary Ballot. We have made endorsements in many races and these are the people you can count on as conservatives in their respective races. It is all about saving Arizona from moving towards the left. To the left of us is California, and that’s where all those “Baja Arizona” people need to move. Remember No Amnesty, No Priority and build the dang fence already!

We want you to focus on those candidates who not only have shown that they have principles that align to the Republican Party, but have taken the time to really work and make sure that this effort is not in vain. Let’s examine the first race, for Arizona Governor.

In the Governor race there are 3-4 top tier candidates. Scott Smith, Christine Jones, Doug Ducey and Ken Bennett are all vying for the seat. We will concede immediately to not vote for Scott Smith, he has all the bills to fit a RINO. Ken Bennett and Doug Ducey are current state holders and we are looking at them closely. Christine Jones is a new comer in running for office, but brings a real world perspective into the race and also enough money to self fund. We want everyone to look through the lines when evaluating these candidates. Jones has come under attack by well funded IEs and really been dealt some blows, yet she remains at the top of the polls. She is the hardest working candidate out of the field and we see her as a great potential Governor. Bennett doesn’t have the funding and much of his expected support is being deflected by Smith. Ducey is producing biased poll after biased poll saying he is on top. The decision is up to you, new blood in Christine Jones or same old from Ducey or Bennett.

The Secretary of State office has only 1 true conservative running, Justin Pierce. Justin is troubled by the fact that Michele Reagan has the last name ‘Reagan’. The appeal for the generic primary voter who is 65+ and still dreams of the glory days of the 80s when Ronald Reagan was around may just vote Reagan for one more time. We want you to not do so and vote for Justin Pierce. Wil Cardon is the other candidate. He is a failed 2012 US Senate candidate, and hasn’t worked at all in 2014 on this race. Wil just doesn’t have the will to win this battle, though he does share conservative values. Throw your support behind Justin Pierce.

Attorney General is probably the most talked about race other than Governor right now. The Rino Report supports Mark Brnovich. With the recent addition of Governor Jan Brewer’s endorsement for Brnovich, incumbent Tom Horne seems like he is backed even more into a corner this primary season. Horne who has held political office and done a good job as the Attorney General is plagued by tons of personal and questionable ethical decisions. Matt Salmon has also called for Tom Horne to step down from re-election for fear that his name hurts the GOP.

Superintendent of Public Instruction. The only option to support is Diane Douglas. There is no other primary candidate running for the seat against incumbent John Huppenthal. Douglas who has no experience in the classroom brings her ideals as a conservative to the office which would always be better than the one who brought us Common Core.

Corporation Commission are the last offices we will discuss. We have yet to make any decisions regarding these offices.

So your State-wide Conservative List:


  • Christine Jones
  • Ken Bennett
  • Doug Ducey

Secretary of State

  • Justin Pierce
  • Wil Cardon

Attorney General

  • Mark Brnovich


  • Diane Douglas


Chrstine Jones Paul Babeu

Christine Jones Leads on Border Security

Christine Jones came out with what seems to be the biggest deal so far of the Arizona race for Governor. Last week she came out with her border security plan in a big way. She held town halls in Phoenix and Tucson with Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu. Attendance at these events was high, and emotions with primary voters was heavily shown. Immigration and border security are proving to be the topic most voters are concerned about. Border security has especially become important due to the illegal children being transported to Arizona.

During the presentation on Border Security, Jones outlined her plan of troops, technology, finishing the fence, and sending the bill to DC for the burden that illegal immigrants.

“$2.8 billion dollars is the estimated cost that the taxpayers of Arizona are faced with each year due to illegal immigration. This includes the cost of when they become inmates, send their children to our schools, and use our healthcare system. The citizens of Arizona do not deserve this burden.” – Christine Jones

Her strategic plan for border security, stations an estimated 1200 troops along the border. The deployment was outlined by Sheriff Babeu, who at one point commanded part the Yuma sector border. He described the deployment as standard groups of 3-5 soldiers posted along the border strategically placed approximately 1/4 of a mile apart so there was always a direct line of sight between troops. This “show of force” is a direct deterrent to people who will try and enter our country illegally.  Babeu who’s county is north of the border told the crowds that his officers had recently captured spotters who were working for the cartels in Pinal County.

Christine Jones also outlined the benefit of finishing the fence in the Tucson Sector which is the least secure of the 9 sectors of the US/Mexico border. She outlined that only 50 miles of the 262 border miles are used for smuggling whether it is “human, sex, drugs or god forbid terrorist activity.” With an average cost of $1 million per mile, the one time cost of $50 million would be worth the investment. This would allow for funneling of illegal activity which could then help enforcement of border security and be more successful keeping more of our officers out of harms way.

Jones added that she would do whatever she could within her power as Arizona’s Governor to make the sovereign State of Arizona secure. Border security leads to less immigration problems and less expense to Arizona.

We will be sending an a couple of follow up questions to the Christine Jones campaign regarding this plan. They are as follows

  1. What will happen should the Cartels decide to take a military-like response as they have fought the Mexican military in Mexico?
  2. How do we deal with the problems of the “shadow-wolves” on the Indian Reservation, last reported there are only 15 and they want out of the Border Patrol?
  3. Where will the additional funds come from that would be required to fund the Arizona Guard troops and technology?
LD 11 Team

LD-11 Conservatives, The Right Choice for Arizona

Last night marked the clean elections debate for LD-11 where The Rino Report endorsed Steve Smith, Vince Leach and Mark Finchem participated. They presented the conservative side of view to constituents present. Steve Smith who has earned the title “Champion of the Taxpayer” from Americans for Prosperity was true to his stances on business, the economy and budget. Vince and Mark who are new comers to the realm of being candidates also were lock-step with the ideas of smaller government, lower taxes and less regulation. All have been guests on The Race: Politics in Arizona!

The team faces two Republicans who are running for the spots. Scott Bartle for Senate and Jo Grant for House. These two have been classified as RINO-Republicans. Scott Bartle is pro-Common Core, pro-Obamacare and Jo Grant has shared the same values. As conservatives we must unite and drive these Republicans who are seeking to help government takeover our schools and health care. We must unite against Republicans who will turn business away from Arizona, and we must unite against these two Republicans from winning the primary next month. LD-11 is the only Republican stronghold in Southern Arizona, and must be maintained by people who believe in the principles of the party and will not change.

Earlier we published and article about the Arizona Chamber of Commerce playing in elections. The Arizona Chamber of Commerce is a pro-Common Core entity. Lately we have seen the Arizona Chamber place itself in the middle of social issues with a very left-center approach, as we say with SB1062 and their very public disagreement with it. The money coming to Jo Grant and Scott Bartle has one thing in common, it is not from the people of LD-11, it is from a new wave of “moderates” attempting to retake the leadership roles of the AZ House and AZ Senate.

Those in Tucson’s northwest side please visit the LD-11 Conservative Team’s website, take a yard sign, tell your neighbors.

Primary 2014

Primary Countdown to Early Ballots

As many insiders know the primary election is over July 31st, yet we wont know the results until August. There are some races where we know who the nominees will be for November but many where we do not. The Race: Politics in Arizona will be debuting new episodes with the candidates to support for certain races. The Rino Report will be posting many articles to help inform our readers. Over the last 5 months we are pleased to say that over 25,000 unique people on average each month visit The Rino Report and many do so multiple times a month!

We encourage everyone to vote early if they are sure of who they support, but we also encourage people to attend the Clean Election Debates being held this month in every LD in Arizona. Primarily attend those in heavily swing districts. While we have chosen limited races to focus on and endorse candidates every reader of this blog is encouraged to go and meet those running for office and make a real choice. Many people get elected and never met a person who voted for them. Please get involved, and if you are unsure choose those endorsed by The Rino Report.

July 31st is the magical day because it is the day early ballots are mailed. Expect the TV Commercials, the mailers, the robocalls to start coming in droves. The Rino Report does not actively contribute to campaigns as it is not an IE or PAC. What this blog does is provide information (content) about candidates and their opponents and promote that information. We thank everyone who has made a donation to keep this website up and help promote it through various online markets. The people we support thank you!

Arizona Primary

Primary fights, what awaits for Arizona?

As we have seen recently the Republican Party seems to be headed towards an unknown primary season ending. With the loss of Eric Cantor and the newest campaign where Senator Cochran played some dirty tricks in his primary to stay elected. With this all happening we have to wonder what is the internal war in the GOP? Where is it headed? Is the grassroots that disgusted with the establishment?

The Rino Report of course is based on the principle that Republicans are all different, but there comes a point when a Republican crosses a line that compromises the principles of the Republican Party. What we will see happen in Arizona. We have the first open Governor Race in over a decade, and we both our Secretary of State and Treasurer running for Governor leaving open seats there. Candidates are out fighting, walking, talking and trying to win the primary. Next month we will see all the various clean election debates, and mass media spending start. What will happen in August is truly unknown.

Democrats on the other hand have been more focused on trying to win one state-wide race. With a democrat majority in the US House they are surely motivated. CD-2 seems to be the only really tight swing district that the state is truly going after. We have seen CD-9 and CD-1 fall off the radar while efforts seem maximized in CD-2. Ed Pastor’s current seat is a democrat free for all at this moment, and Raul Grijalva seems to be heating up his fund raising to crush his GOP challenger in that district.

Back to CD-2. There has been some issues as of late with lawsuits and candidates trying to gain media attention on the GOP side. Martha McSally seems to be the likely candidate while the grassroots are split between Shelley Kais and Chuck Wooten all but guaranteeing McSally’s primary victory. So eventually we will see McSally officially be the nominee again and try to unseat Ron Barber. Both candidates are on their way to having a $2 million dollar war chest.



The SBA has announced its endorsements for 2014

Small Business Alliance Candidate Endorsements

Yesterday the Small Business Alliance of Arizona made their endorsements for pro-business, pro-economic growth candidates in certain areas of Arizona and in State-Wide Races. The small business community has proven itself to be a conservative organization by embracing the same candidates as The Rino Report.

As many people are aware small businesses are the real drivers of the economy and the SBA with over 600 members truly represents the people who work to make the Arizona a great place to do business. The SBA is an important group where external and big business influences are eliminated and as such they have endorsed the same great conservatives as The Rino Report.

Since the Small Business Alliance endorses candidates in the east part of Phoenix and State Offices we are thrilled to see The Rino Report’s Candidate Endorsement recipients continue to gain momentum. Yesterday we released a huge endorsement that Adam Stevens was able to obtain and hopefully we will bring you more from our other great candidates as the primary season moves along.

SBA State Office Endorsements

Justin Pierce – Secretary of State
Mark Brnovich – Attorney General

LD-16 Endorsements
David Farnsworth – State Senate
John Fillmore – State House
Adam Stevens – State House

Nick Adams Adam Stevens

International Best Seller Endorses Adam Stevens

Glenn Beck, Allen West, Matt Salmon, and Governor Rick Perry all have embraced the conservative conviction that is necessary to make sure America stays the greatest country in the history of man. As such they all have been highly supportive of making sure that the proper message takes hold around the world. These men have all helped promote international author Nick Adams who is a champion of conservatism. Nick has appeared on the Glenn Beck show and Allen West wrote the foreword of his best selling book. Nick Adams embraces the greatness of America and is taking a stand in one race in Arizona, LD-16. Nick Adams felt that it was imperative to put his support behind a true conservative in Arizona, Adam Stevens.

Adam Stevens has been endorsed by The Rino Report and is a rising star in the conservative movement. To see such a high profile endorsement for Adam Stevens is just an indication that there are better options for Arizona voters in 2014 than they had in 2012. The Rino Report is happy to share the text of the endorsement letter from Nick Adams below. Thanks to Adam Stevens for sharing this great accomplishment.

Dear Arizona Voter and Patriot;

As an Australian conservative who has traveled around the world, I can tell you that the world needs a strong America now more than ever. Having written about the greatness of America and what it means to the world, it is easy to see that America’s strength comes from the vibrant prosperity of her 50 states. If that prosperity is going to continue then it will be necessary to have solid traditional American conservatives in your state governments.

Having traveled across your great country I have had the opportunity to meet many great conservatives doing great things from Glenn Beck and Texas Governor Rick Perry to Florida Congressman Allen West and Arizona Congressman Matt Salmon. Arizonans now have an opportunity to elect another conservative of that caliber to the State House of Representatives in Phoenix.

Adam Stevens is a solid traditional American conservative. With his energy, commitment, and ideas, I know he will do a great job representing the people of Arizona’s 16th Legislative District. I am proud to endorse my friend and fellow conservative Adam Stevens for the Arizona State House. If you are committed to a more free, more prosperous, and more conservative Arizona then I ask you to stand with the man who is committed to the conservative American principles we know will save Arizona and America. With Adam Stevens, the state, the country, and most importantly, you, win.

Nick Adams, Best-Selling Conservative Author of “The American Boomerang- How The World’s Greatest Turnaround Nation Will Do It Again”

Primary 2014 AZ

May Endorsements of NON-RINO Candidates

The Rino Report editorial board recently had a phone conference and voted to determine who would be receiving endorsements as of right now. In order for a candidate to be endorsed 8 of out 13 contributors of The Rino Report need to vote in favor of that candidate. Candidates who are endorsed receive invitations to appear on The Race: Politics in Arizona TV SHOW which is broadcast on this website and soon to be on Endorsed candidates also receive 50% off advertising fees on this website. We also promote these candidates by publishing articles which highlight why they are better than their primary opponents. These candidates are not RINO Republicans.

May Endorsements

Mark Brnovich – State Attorney General

Patricia Flores – State House LD-3

Harold Vangilder – State Senate LD-8

Darla Dawald – State House LD-8

David Farnsworth – State Senate LD-16

Daniel Estrella – State Senate LD-2

Don Shooter – State Senate LD -13

Tom Morrissey – State Senate LD-18

Gary Cox – State Senate LD-30

Will Wildish – State House LD-10

David Gowan – State House LD-14

David Stevens – State House LD-14

John Fillmore – State House LD-16

Tony Rivero – State House LD-21

Initial 2014 Endorsements by The Rino Report

Steve Smith – State Senate – LD 11

Kelli Ward – State Senate LD-5

Steve Montenegro – State House LD-13

Adam Stevens – State House LD-16

Paul Gosar – US Congress CD-4

Matt Salmon – US Congress CD-5

Justin Pierce – Arizona Secretary of State

Vince Leach – State House LD-11

Mark Finchem – LD-11

RINO Scott Bartle loves common core and will vote with democrats

Is the AZ Chamber of Commerce Playing in Elections?

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce has come under fire as of late since the role the organization played behind the scenes in passing the Medicaid Expansion bill in the special session of 2013. This year we are seeing a number of candidates emerge to challenge candidates who are unfriendly to the Chamber. As far as we can tell they are being promoted by many of the same people who are now funneling money into the 15 Republicans who voted for Medicaid Expansion.

The 15 Legislaitors who voted for Medicaid have all received tons of money to fund their re-election campaigns and they believe that all this money will ensure their re-election. We are now seeing candidates who are supported by the same donors have war chests to take on conservatives.

Michelle Reagan desires a reward for her treachery with a promotion to Secretary of State, which must be stopped and conservatives need to rally around Justin Pierce.  Rich Crandall moved and was replaced by good guy David Farnsworth. John McComish quickly changed to run for Justice of the Peace when faced with primary candidate Tom Morrissey.

The Chamber of Commerce, corporate welfare recipients, and crony capitalists have well funded candidates running against grassroot candidates fueled by the passion of Republican principles and the belief in state sovereignty.

We will look specifically at a couple of candidates that are in Republican strongholds that seem to backed by the same group supporting the ‘moderate’ wing of the Republican party. LD-11 has Scott Bartle and Jo Grant running on a campaign funded by the Medicaid donors. They have material that points out nowhere that they are Republicans. They are actively pushing for independents to request Republican ballots for the primary. Bartle and Grant are also being supported by the ‘Common Core’ group in their districts. Read more »

endorsements 450

Last Day for Candidates to File in Arizona

May 28th marks the official deadline for state candidates to file for office in Arizona. We will be making endorsements shortly in various races. We have been waiting to see who will qualify for the ballot and who will not. Since we have seen major strides done with some candidates and other have some speed bumps we wont know exactly where the dust will settle. The Rino Report will be taking sides with conservatives and then making sure that the correct information is out there about the RINOs or the people claiming to be conservatives who actually are not. There are some candidates who have raised a lot of money, some who have not and others who can simply write themselves a check and be able to run a serious race.

We want to highlight some people who are making some real strides in their races.

Justin Pierce – Representative Justin Pierce was recently awarded with Top 40 under 40 and spoke at CPAC. He is seeking the SoS nod for the AZGOP

Daniel Estrella – This military veteran is running in Democrat stronghold LD-2. He is making progress but as with all districts with little GOP backing there are always setback to getting those $5 donations.

Adam Stevens – This LD 16 candidate is a first time candidate but a longtime activist who has been working for years in the Tea Party movement and has a strong network built throughout the state.

Endorsements for State House and Senate Candidates facing primary challenges or in Dem Controlled Races.

Steve Smith, Mark Finchem, Vince Leach, Steve Montenegro, Darla Dawald, Patricia Flores, Daniel Estrella, Adam Stevens, Harold Vangilder, John Fillmore, Tom Morrissey. Read more »

Mark Brnovich for AZ Attorney General

The Rino Report Endorses Mark Brnovich for AG

With the announcement of Attorney General’s Tom Horne’s filing on Friday May 23, 2014 The Rino Report is officially backing and supporting Mark Brnovich. After all the turmoil which has afflicted the campaign of Tom Horne we will not choose to back him. 15% of the editorial board sided with Tom Horne for the endorsement while 85% voted for Mark Brnovich. To learn more about the Tom Horne situation visit our last post Tom Horne has a battle in the GOP

Good luck Mark Brnovich. You may find his website at

Here is a little about Mark Brnovich from his website.
Like many folks from Eastern Europe, Markʼs parents met at a church function in Detroit, Michigan. Markʼs mother, who legally immigrated from the former Yugoslavia in the 1950ʼs to escape communism, taught him at an early age the importance of freedom and limited government. The family moved to Arizona in the 1960ʼs and Mark grew up in Phoenix and attended public schools from 1st grade through High School. Also learning the value of hard work at an early age, he was a paper boy for several years for both the Arizona Republic and Phoenix Gazette. He went on to graduate from Arizona State University (BS, political science, cum laude). Like many Arizonans, he was drawn to San Diego, where he graduated from law School (University of San Diego 1991) but returned to his roots in Arizona after graduation. He met his wife Susan while they both worked as prosecutors for the Maricopa County Attorneyʼs office. Mark worked in the Gang/Repeater Unit and prosecuted many difficult and high profile cases (1992-1998). Always interested in new challenges, he went to work at the Attorney Generalʼs Office (1998-2003) and represented the Arizona Department of Gaming, where he developed an expertise in gambling law, as well as gaining an increased appreciation for Native American culture. Read more »

US Rep Matt Salmon is asking Tom Horne to step aside.

Tom Horne has a battle inside the GOP

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne is in turmoil. With Matt Salmon being the first major player in Arizona to ask Horne to step down, many are wondering who is next. Mark Brnovich is hoping Horne will, and so are his campaign staff. As of late Tom Horne has led a defiant campaign claiming that all allegations of wrong doing for violating campaign finance laws are bogus. He is now facing charges moving forward.

On top of this Tom Horne has a history of mistakes including being caught by FBI agents doing some unpopular things. As this primary season moves forward we will see what happens, but for now Tom Horne is facing a seemingly loosing battle. The GOP may eventually call for him to step aside from re-election. 2014 is an important year in Arizona and the democrats will use anything they can to promote their candidates state-wide.

We at The Rino Report worry about the effect this will have on Kyrsten Sinema, Rob Barber and Ann Kirkpatrick’s races. These are tight for the GOP to possibly pull off and any negative ties to the Republican Party may swing an election. Remember Martha McSally lost by less than 2500 votes after weeks of uncertainty. Tom Horne could cause an impact that is not predicted for other races should he be the nominee in August. The editorial board of The Rino Report is having a phone conference this afternoon regarding an official endorsement in the Arizona Attorney General Race.

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